Old soul. baby face.

all spunk.

Haley Sakamoto wishes she lived in a cartoon. Preferably Spongebob Squarepants from 1999-2005, the golden years. Happily, not far off, she grew up on an island instead in the middle of the Pacific and proceeded to have her wacky adventures there. It started with her astonishing breakthrough as a one-toddler writer and illustrator of the renowned “Dinosaur book” series, then as 10-year old independent business owner of “Serenity Pig Spa™,” a retreat for the humans and pigs in your life. Now she is creating and concocting on an even more massive scale, and on an even bigger island: the Big Apple. She took her knack for making up revised lyrics to oldies music, creating new outer-space languages, and her ability to continually talk without breathing to NYU Tisch, and they gave her some shiny, new tools, a place to play, and some amazing collaborators. Oh, and that BFA.


She now calls Brooklyn home and is excited to be the next sweet and quirky, indie film girl, or your comedic and musical best friend, or the bright-eyed, innocent girl from high school. Armed with her three octave range, Shakespeare lexicons, and a mind that won’t stop ticking, she hopes to jump into your stories and create some of her own...and maybe change the world a little on the way.